Quality Commitment

At Lifton, we believe that our success is dependent on the success of our customers.

Our status as a global leader in supplying the highest-quality products and services has been accomplished through meticulous attention to our customers' needs and a relentless pursuit of quality and continuous improvement. We are never fully satisfied with our success and strive to reach higher levels of performance every year. We believe that robust quality systems enable us not only to improve our performance, but also to ensure that improvements are sustainable in the long term. We're committed to investing in our infrastructure so that we can have the appropriate quality management systems in place.

Lifton has embarked on a five-year journey to drive a step change in our quality performance, with a goal of 10x improvement by 2020. To reach our goal and make it better and easier for our customers to do business with us, we will evaluate and improve many areas of our business, including our customer interface, engineering and manufacturing communication, manufacturing capabilities, supplier performance and organizational alignment.

As an industry leader, we believe that we must always work harder and smarter to continue to outpace our competition. Combined with our other initiatives, our quality strategy ensures that we will continue to be the market leader, enabling us to further contribute to our customers' success.